Adult performing T-Rex costume for 2016 Halloween costume party festivals

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Finally the black color T-Rex costume was finished in the factory, it is highly required, especially on the details on the colors and textures, even the total weight control, so that the whole production time of the T-Rex dinosaur costume took such a long time around 25 days, which normally will just spend 10 days only.


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The customer will have to keep prudent in each phase of the production, like the steel frame proportion, shape modeling, layers to put on the skin, painting works, and so on, the head is using the model of the newest type, which is more like a T-Rex, and the others keep the old type to make the appearance to be much realistic.




The T-Rex costume is likely to be used for rental in events, parties, if you’re looking to throw your children the best birthday ever, or just holding a event you want to promote well, then just contact us of our customer agent in the local site, a real dinosaur will be on the way!


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