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A Stegosaurus in Colorado was found recently


All these processes mean nothing to us unless the fossil is returned to the surface. This only happens when the rocks containing the fossil are uplifted through earth movements, usually mountain building associated with the movement of the tectonic plates. Then erosion has to wear away all the rocks above so that the fossil is exposed. If this erosion is too vigorous, the exposed fossil will not last for long as it will be eroded away as well. All in all, even if a dinosaur does become fossilized, the odds are very much against our finding and excavating it. There are good reasons why dinosaur fossils are rare.(walking dinosaur costume)


Usually a fossil skeleton is found by chance, by somebody out walking, or by a quarry worker turning over a rock. A Stegosaurus in Colorado was found recently when a palaeontologist working on another dig threw his hammer at random into a cliff.(Animatronic Dinosaur)


Another, in Montana, was found by a farmer digging a hole for a fence post. Once found, the skeleton is reported to a museum, a university or another institution that has the means to excavate it. Planning can take months or even years, and much of this involves finding the money to do the work - because practical palaeontology can be a very expensive business.(Dinosaur equipment)


On site, the first thing is to find out how much of the skeleton there is. The overburden that is the rock directly over the skeleton - has to be removed. This can he done with earth movers. Then, when the rock is down to a few centimetres of the bed that contains the skeleton, the last of the overburden is removed carefully by hand, usually with fine tools and brushes.

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