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A different kind of dinosaur


At Como I can walk right through one of the earlier extinctions, a time when the Jurassic families, which seemed so secure after fifty million years of success, suffered sudden extinction. (life size animatronic dinosaur)There's nothing dramatic about the spot marking the event—merely a one-foot-thick bed composed of gray mud laid down in a stream and green mudballs that the rainy season's floods had torn from the banks and deposited in the creek bed downstream. Beds like this are everywhere, scattered all through the sedimentary layers. This particular one records a sudden jolt in the fortunes of the dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic Period.(animatronic dinosaur)Below the level of this bed—it's called the Breakfast Bench Sandstone because it makes a convenient shelf for the Coleman stove in the morning—the record of stegosaurs, Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, and Allosaurus can be followed up through the Morrison Formation for three hundred feet, equivalent to five or ten million years.


But at Breakfast Bench these Jurassic threads are broken; the familiar stars of the Morrison disappear, and in their place a new cast enters to play the dominant roles. (walking dinosaur costume for sale)This introduces the Cretaceous Period, the third and last age that made up the Mesozoic. Instead of Stegosaurus, with its flamboyant triangular spikes, a different kind of dinosaur, an armor-clad herbivore, the nodosaur, is found. It was far less spectacular, but thoroughly protected by its armor coat of big and little plates that formed a mosaic over its entire back and neck. Instead of Brontosaurus and its close kin Diplodocus, there appeared the teeth and vertebrae of brachiosaurids. (real dino costume)This family of long-necked giants had been rare in the Jurassic but seem to have taken advantage of the catastrophe that struck most Jurassic families by moving in to take their place at the opening of the Cretaceous. Opportunism such as this is a commonplace during times of extinction. As the preexisting dynasty loses its hold, families of animals that had previously been mere bit players on the ecological stage seize the leading roles.

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