Animatronic Velociraptor Model

Are you still able to think of the star in Jurassic World? Blue?

You may know raptor is strong in their muscles,clever,intelligent, and run fast.

We made the 4 meters long Velociraptor as the model which is referring to fossil proportion of velociraptor and reference documents.

The strong body and sharp teeth of Velociraptor were sculpted very vividly. Skin color was made in order to hide in the jungle, waiting for preys passing by and attack.

Animatronic Velociraptor Model

Zigong Dinosaur Production is not only famous in domestic but also occupied an important market in the world. Animatronic dinosaurs from REALDINOSAUR are sold to far from over 30 countries and areas in the world, we received high commendations and acknowledgments by our high effective service and high quality and stable product.

The Velociraptor can be set both indoors and outdoors, which is depicted very realistic in look and posture. We make good treatment by hand in each step.

The skin adopts high-quality silicone adhesive, which is waterproof and tear resistant, and can work stably in extreme cold or sun exposure weather.

More animatronic dinosaur information, welcome to contact us!

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