Large Size Mechanical Dinosaurs

Outdoor large size mechanical dinosaurs, in dinosaur models of 22m Spinosaurus and 20m T-Rex

Purchased by one of the clients from Australia last month, our factory spent one month to finish the manufacturing for two large dinosaurs, one is the T-Rex dinosaur in 20m, another one is the spinosaurus dinosaur in 22m, both of them are required with high quality, and all of those dinosaurs are meeting with the standards of CE.

22 Meter Large Size Mechanical Dinosaurs

In the morning, our workers and technicians tested and debugged both of the large dinosaurs, all of the functions and movements are normal as designed, so the artists begun to cut the dinosaurs into several pieces, this required a large workload to to, ten or so workers to help and demanding relative specialized master to assist the packing and loading, in this way, the trucks can save up the spaces to load more dinosaurs.

In this afternoon, one hour ago, the two trucks are delivered out of the factory successfully, the 20m T-Rex dinosaur was disassembled into five pieces(four legs, two exterior legs and two leg steels), and the 22m Spinosaurus dinosaur model was disassembled into 7 pieces(four legs, three ridges on the back), in this way, our factory will assign one installment team to install on site.

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