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2015 Outdoor Fairground Kids Riding Dinosaur Walking Dinosaur Rides


Our company is engaged in upgrading the walking dinosaur rides, contributing to longer the run time in the operation period, make much flexible movements, provide more comfortable saddle when the kids riding on the dinosaurs.


styracosaurus dinosaur rides


The control mode can be coin operated, remote control, infrared sensor even swing card, among which the coin operated control mode is the most common used method from all the previous choices, taking an example of one outdoor fairground dinosaurs, where dozens of walking dinosaur rides are displayed across over the playground(all the dinosaurs are belonging to the Triceratops relatives), and the holders also invite kids to ride on all the dinosaur ride.

Besides, there will be one operation desk if the animated dinosaurs are set by coin operated, then anyone can control the movements of the dinosaurs by pressing the buttons on the operation desk, normally there will be relative buttons on the operation desk corresponding to the numbers of the programmed movements.


kids dinosaur rides


By the way, when the walking dinosaur rides are moving with a series of movements, considering to protecting the safety of the kids, it will be better if the parents or adults stay and stand beside the kids, because some of the dinosaur rides are big and tall.


Kids riding dinosaurs



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