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Now we are designing to make diverse dinosaur types, one is pterosaur dinosaur, another is maiasaura dinosaur,  those kinds of special dinosaurs are always more attractive in some events, those dinosaurs can be easily to stand out from so many dinosaurs, as we all know, there are more and more dinoparks and amusement places, which bring in dinosaurs, some of them will be close to each other, then who can be new novel, who will won the competition.




Maiasaura dinosaur normally will stand with two hind legs, we design the different posture by lying, even putting some hatching eggs and babies together with the dinosaur, it looks like it is hatching, and the hatching dinosaur babies are yelling to the Maiasaura " mom", which indicates and simulates a hopeful family.


Flying dinosaur


The pterosaur dinosaur is normally hanging on the air, or just standing by their two short legs with a FRP rock, but this one is just standing itself, and look like it is so realistic, seemly ready to fly with its long stretching wings anytime.

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