2015 dozens of steel frames to preprare for high demands on the walking dinosaur costumes

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As usual, we will meet the peak season of demanding on the walking dinosaur costumes in the following months, especially for the festivals like Halloween, Easter day and Christmas day, to prepare for the peak demands, my company has arranged dozens of steel frames in the factory right now.

dino suit steel frame

There are diverse types of steel frames, like T-Rex, Raptor and Spinosaurus, and the body and tail sizes are completely same, only the entry sizes on the body and the legs sizes will be custom-made according to the clients’ requirements.

Animated dinosaur costume

Once any client would like to make the order on any type of custom dinosaur suit, we can assign the workers to begin to manufacture, and the manufacturing time will be decreased to only 7-10 days, because of the steel frames in stock.

Amazing dinosaur group

Besides, we also prepare enough air cases for packing in the factory, so it will be very easy and convenient for the clients to order, and can receive the dinosaur costume sooner than any factory, by the way, if ordering the Spinosaurus dinosaur costume, we need to prepare one special air case(will be taller to some extend), because of the back spines.

Animatronic dinosaur suit