18m large size jurassic park animatronic life size big dinosaur

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For preparing the big dinosaurs show in the Dubai, we are close to complete the big dinosaur project with more than 20 workers, now as the 18m Omeisaurus accomplished, our company is ready to export to the dinosaurs as a group being into the 40′ container.




Like most of the customers, the client realizes the dream to build the world’s largest dinosaur park, now he returned to build a more dinosaur park at a resort in Queensland; not satisfied to have had a group of dinosaurs tyrannosaurus rex and omeisaurus and others, the client is planning to order some dinosaur costumes, dinosaur replicas, and dinosaur rides of prehistoric creatures back. Later replicas of the dinosaurs will he display in the park dinosaur in the Queensland resort; new arrivals including the kind of Brachiosaurus and Mamenchisaurus weighing 1,200kg and the feet of the reptiles as high as 7 meters, it would be wagging tail, lift the chest and blinking,” said Clive. The scheme plan is showing the replica of a prehistoric creature that will arrive in the coming months.