15m large size animatronic T-Rex dinosaur with lanterns

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15m large size animatronic T-Rex dinosaur with lanterns


Being a part of the dinosaur group for theme park in UK, it is newly arrived at the park, and our installment team works hard to place the dinosaur to the right place, then begin to install on site, the installment works are all finished after one day, including the head, two legs, big body and tail, it is also because of the cooperation of the clients, who send some staffs to work and help the installment.



What makes this dinosaur park so special is that each dinosaur is equipped with some lanterns around, lantern trees instead of fake trees, lantern rocks instead of fake rocks and there are also some other shapes of lanterns, in this way, the lanterns can be the decorations for the dinosaurs, this is also where this park is different from other dino parks, so now the dinosaurs are always matching up with the lantern shows.



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