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Zigong animatronic dinosaur from Zigong dinosaur manufacturer


Zigong animatronic dinosaur from Zigong dinosaur manufacturer


As all we know, Zigong is the home city of the dinosaurs, many kinds of dinosaur are found and dicovered in the city, So there imerged many zigong animatronic dinosaurs, and they are now doing well in the animatronic dinosaurs fields, even some foreigners expect to visit the zigong animatronic dinosaur manufacturers in china,then to find and know more facts and reality of the dinosaurs, by the way, when you come to Zigong, the zigong dinosaur museum is the place where you have to go.


In 2009, Zigong City has discovered 19 pcs "rhino footprints." Zigong Dinosaur Museum illumination researcher Peng, one of the researchers, Zigong Museum of Natural History and other experts to study the findings of the investigation that these elongated oval and the beginning of sauropod footprints (Eosauropus) from North America and Europe are very similar, most likely dating back 200 million years ago, a special kind of bipedalism, or occasionally bipedal lizard foot class dinosaurs left, rather than rhino footprints. This is the earliest form of sauropod dinosaur footprints found in China. Recently, this research has been published in the latest issue of the international academic journal "Journal of Paleontology in Poland". walking dinosaur costume.


Come to Zigong, then our company will show you around, to let you know all the aspects of the zigong animatronic dinosaurs.


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