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Young and his assistants found remains of a theropod


Young and his assistants found remains of a theropod

During the autumn of 1934, C. C. young visited the Zdansky ’ s locality and collected several fragmentary bones. Realistic Animatronic dinosaur It looked like Zdansky left the site before he finished excavations. However, Young and his assistants found remains of a theropod. These fossils are currently housed in the Nanjing Geological Museum.


Euhelopus had a long neck, composed of 17 vertebrae. The neural spines of the cervical vertebrae are low and widely bifurcate in the shoulder region. The animal is estimated to have been approximately 10-11 m in length. The Euhelopus came from the Mengyin Group and represents the first sauropod described from China. The Euhelopus bones were found in gray-green and dark purple sand-silt- stones produced by a prehistoric environment of lakes combined with rivers. Sinoemys ( Chinese turtle ) and Sinamia ( Chinese fish ) were also reported from these Early Cretaceous beds.


The author of this book visited the Ningjiangou locality and checked stratigraphy of the Zdansky’ s locality. walking dinosaur costume He found the site near very poor mountain village on the top of a small hill. All villagers had the same last name Ning, and were catholics. There were also crumble wall remains of a brick-stone church, destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. During my third trip to this locality in 2002, surprisingly, a new church was built and a memorial stone was erected in the village. Apparently, making villagers happier and more hopeful.

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