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What is a predatory dinosaur? After all, not all theropods were predators.l Simply put, predatory d.inosaurs are those that lack herbivorous teeth, or ancestors who had them. This excludes all prosauropods, brontosaurs, and ornithischians. (Walking dinosaur costume)It includes the primitive paleodinosaurs, the more specialized heneravians, and the classic dinosaurian killers, the bird-footed theropods.


It is an interesting coincidence that Lagosuchus talampoyensrs and Tyrannosaurus rex were among the very first and very last predatory dinosaurs, and were the smallest and largest too. There was a sixty-thousandfold size difference between them. Which were the largest monsters?  Of course T. Rex, at six to twelve tonnes, still holds the record. Deinocheirus mfrrytcus, which is known only from forelimb bones, may have been as hear,y. Spfnosourus aegrytiocus was lighter, but it was perhaps the longest theropod at around fifty feet. (Animatronic dinosaur)A number of species, $,ronnoscu rus botaar, Allosourus cmp lexus, Acroconf hosou rus ctokensis, Cerotosourus ingens, Metriacanthosaurus shcngzouensrs, and some others cluster around four to five tons. (Realistic dinosaur costume)Quite corrunon are megalosaurs, allosaurs, tyrannosaurs, and even a very early henerasaur in the two-to-three-tonne area. But just wait, it is most unlikely that the biggest has been turned up yet!

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