Halloween adult walking dinosaur suit for sale

Halloween adult walking dinosaur suit price for sale, walking dinosaur suit price



Quality of the dinosaur suit is improving, and the walking dinosaur suit price is decreasing, anyone can be the owner of the dinosaurs.

The walking dinosaur suit price for each pcs will be ranging from USD 3500 to USD 4800, this will depend on the final ordering quantity, like USD 4800 for only one pcs, but USD 3500 for more than three pcs; and we will also keep the quality to be the best, even sometimes to help some of my clients, i will give the lowest price for each dinosaur suit, and allow them to pay the amount by installment, because one of our company intention is to build friendship through doing business, in this way, we can also keep a long time cooperation when the clients develop well with our walking dinosaur suits, it is called win-win cooperation. realistic walking dinosaur costume.


dinosaur suit



walking dinosaur suit


dinosaur suit price



Why the dinosaur suit price is not so much high as before? you need to know that the corresponding price for each dinosaur suit will be USD 5000 to USD 5500 originally, we just want to help our clients to do their events or shows with paying a lower cost, i always ask the best maker to do the dinosaur suit, the worker is the No.1 person in dinosaur suit making, the steel frame is so lightweight, just 18kg, especially the raptor costume, it is used with stainless steel; the skins and stripes will be made with light and soft high density sponge based on the requirements of the clients, can be as vivid as possible; there are two to four fans to cool, especially in summer or in case that the operator may control a long time; one camera in front of the nose, then the operator can see the outside clearly through the camera screen inside. walking dinosaur costume.



1. Head right/left, and up/down: standard

2. Body right/left, and up/down: standard

3. Head to neck twist in different directions: standard

4. Mouth open/close with corresponding sounds: standard

5. Eyes blinking: optional

6. Eyelids open/close: standard

7. Upper limbs up/down: standard

8. Arms and tail moving: automatically

9. All in all, the operator can walk, even run with the walking dinosaur suit in any direction as you will