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Dinosaur rides in the used amusement playground are so special, totally different from other kinds of dinosaurs, the dinosaur rides are designed not only just for kids entertainment, but also can be suitable for adult games, although the dinosaur rides can not walk with the legs, but the dinosaur can bear much heavier weights, even two adults over 200 kg, and the kids or adults can be more feasible and free when riding on the dinosaurs, the people can just hold on the bridle on the back, or hold on the neck of the dinosaurs, then can move with the dinosaurs freely.


Monolophosaurus dino ride


The dinosaur rides will be same to the other animatronic dinosaurs, just can be ridden on, mostly by kids, but sometimes some clients will ask for manufacturing for adults, like the Monolophosaurus dinosaur rides, the most remarkable feature is that the dinosaur ride will be put on a saddle, which will let the person feel comfortable when riding on the dinosaurs.


Monolophosaurus dinosaur


The dinosaur rides are required to be painted with some colorful spots on the body, in this case, more people will pay more attention on the dinosaurs, speak of the movements, the dinosaur rides will make the movements normally and automatically, the riders will not easily to sit on the saddle without danger.


Monolophosaurus dino rides


The dinosaur exhibition is open to all the visitors, you can enjoy the long neck dinosaur聽saltasaurus, several diverse dinosaur rides, and some walking dinosaur costumes, which are performed on the stage show.


dinosaur rides



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