US adult life size handmade T-Rex dinosaur costume for 2016 festivals

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Finally the perfect T-Rex dinosaur suit is accomplished in the factory, after times of modifications requested by the US client Paul, and well done by the painters, it is almost 90% similarity to the previous prototype model No. RDC-0121.




The first time is to modify the body colors with more realistic brown colors, rather than a lot of yellows around, it may display very bright, which maybe just fitful for some informal events, and play with the kids game.


t-rex costume2


Then, the painters go to paint with more browns as required, and it proves to be more realistic just like the model RDC-0121, and we also figure out the best way to disguise the ventilation holes on the sides of the body, then the people will not notice that visibly, all in all, it is a great artware.



t-rex suit