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But this is easier said than done. The basic unit of all taxonomy and systematics is the species. (Walking dinosaur costume)When one reads about Tyrannosaurus and Brontoscurus, one is not dealing with species, like lions or African elephants. Instead, these are genera, a group of animal species. For example, the lion is in the genus Panthera. Species of Panfhera include the lion Pcnthera leo, the trger P. Tigris, and the leopard P. pardus, among others. (Realistic dinosaur costume)So sayrng Ilrannoscuruu is much like saying "the big cats." This is all rlght for certain purposes, but usually we want to be more specific.


Then full species names are used. These always include both the generic and species titles, such as Tyrannosaurus聽rex, or T. rex for short. Much as genera are populations of species, families are populations of genera, orders are populations of families, and then come classes, phyla, and at the top of the hierarchial pyramid, kingdoms. These groups can be further subdivided, for example, into superorders, suborders, and infraorders. This system of classification is the Linnaen system, started by Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linn6) in the 1700s.


Living species are identified on a basis that is simple in concept, but often complicated in application.(Animatronic dinosaur) A species is a population of animals that is reproductively isolated from other animal groups. Take the lion and tiger, which live in the same Indian forests. Despite their close similarity and relationships, they do not normally interbreed. If interbreeding does ocsur, the progeny is a hybrid, a sometimes sterile oddity that will not contribute to the regular breeding populations of either species.

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