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Theropod rather dinosaur – Oviraptor


Theropod rather dinosaur - Oviraptor

For over 70 years, many stories have been told about the dinosaur egg thief, Oviraptor. Animatronic dinosaur In 1990, team of the China-Canada Dinosaur Project ( CCDP ) discovered a nest of eggs associated with an oviraptorid skeleton at Bayanmudahu in Inner Mongolia.Analysis of the eggshell structure indicated that these eggs belong to a theropod rather than to Protoceratops, as claimed before. In 1992,I gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the CCDP dinosaur exhibition in Japan, and pointed out that it could be a deceased oviraptorid mother dinosaur that died while incubating her eggs.This my opinion was quoted by Kaneko Ryuichi, a famous Japanese science popularizer, in his book of ( The Adaptive Strategy of Dinosaurs } , published in 1994.


In 1994, the American paleontologists M.A. Norell and J. M. Clark published a report about a dinosaur embryo from Ukhaa Tolgod in {Science} .They found the Oviraptor embryo near the point of hatching together with skeleton of the adult oviraptorid preserved at the same nest. This discovery revealed the truth about the careful oviraptorid mother. Recently, some dinosaur researchers proposed that oviraptorids might have been warm-blooded creatures and flightless birds.

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