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The thirty-seven skull drawings


In the skull drawings, missing parts are indicated by lined areas-except teeth, which are outlined when absent. (walking dinosaur costume)Whenever possible I included the skull's interior bones, the braincase, and the mouth roof elements, but these are often not available. Note that a part of the mouth roof sometimes projects below the level of the upper jaw, beneath the eye sockets-this is not part of the side of the skull. (realistic dinosaur costume)The bony eye rings are indicated in those that had them. In doing the skeletons and skulls, both naturally articulated and mounted remains were used to better understand how the animals went together. This is important, but it must be done cautiously because postdeath distortion of the bones and incorrect mountings can mislead the illustrator.


The thirty-seven skull drawings, representing thirty-three species, are always presented to the same upper-jaw length. (Animatronic dinosaur) Within each group the skeletons are presented to the same femur length. This set of skeletal and skull drawings is not complete, as new discoveries are being made so fast these days that a good many have not been published yet. Among these new, quality finds are a crested Coelophysis, a brow-horned Cqrnotaurus, a crested allosaur head, fin-backed Acrocqnthoscurus ctokensfs, and the early ostrich-mimic Ho4pymimus. We hope more complete examples will turn up of these poorly known theropods: finbacked Sp inoscurus, sickle-clawed .f{ocscurus, the tyrannosaurs Aublysodon and Albertosaurus megagracihs, the ostrich-mimics Chirostenotes and Deinochefrus, and the rest of the head and tail of birdlike Avimimus, zunong others. It is always exciting to sit down with some good remains and do a new skeletal restoration. It is a way of recreating the past, and you are never quite sure what you will come up with.

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