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The Tetori Group deposits are exposed in Hokuriku Province


The Tetori Group deposits are exposed in Hokuriku Province

The Tetori Group deposits are exposed in Hokuriku Province. Animatronic dinosaur These deposits of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous are divided into three subgroups: Kuzuryu, Itoshiro, and Akaiwa. The Tetori Group was named after the river in Central Japan that flows into the sea. The Tetori Group shows transitions from marine through brackish to freshwater sedimentary environments. Dinosaur remains have been unearthed from the upper part of the Itoshiro subgroup and the Akaiwa subgroup. The first discovery of dinosaur bones in the Tetori Group was made in 1985. It was an isolated single tooth of a carnivorous dinosaur. This tooth was found by a young girl at the “fossil wall” of Kuwajima in Shiramine Village, Ishikawa Prefecture.


The Tetori Group Dinosaur Excavation Project was organized by Dr. Yoichi Azuma from the Fukui Prefectural Museum in 1980s. Animatronic dinosaur for sale  Katsuyama is the richest dinosaur site found in the Fukui Prefecture. During 1988 ~ 1993 and 1996- 1998, the Katsuyama site was systematically explored by the Fukui Prefectural Museum. Fosssil bones of a dromaeosaurid and an iguanodontid were collected from the site. The iguanodontid bones were assembled into a 5m long skeleton and put on display at the Fukui Prefectural f)inosaur Museum. The igunaodontid was given name of Fukuisaurus tetoriensis. Fukuisaurus is the first dinosaur of whic,li skeleton was exposed to public exhibition in Japan ( Kobayashi and Azuma, 2003 ) . Allosauraid bones belonged to a large theropod that was named as Fukuiraptor kitadaniensis ( Azuma and Currie, 2000 ) . More than 300 dinosaur bones have been excavated from the Katsuyama site. These include teeth and vertebrae of theropods, spoon­shaped teeth of a sauropod and bones of small ornithischians ( Azuma, 2003 ) .

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