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The T-rex is a monster of ten tonnes


Crouched down in a flat-footed stalk , the Tyrannosaurus Rex cranes its neck to peer around the sable palm. Yes, the Tricerafops are still there, up wind, quite unaware of her presence, or of her cohorts as they slowly come up from behind. It's a hot day, but her hollow belly growls-got to fill it up. That one Tbicerotops looks atad lame, it's a good target Animatronic Dinosaur.


The T. rex is a monster of ten tonnes, her frightful face adorned with hornlets and scales and a red stripe before the eyes. Mottled green and brown camouflage makes her look like a NATO tank lurking in the brush. suddenly she and her consorts launch themselves into a horse-speed run, panicking the rhinolike, elephant-sized ?riceratops into a galloping stampede that exposes their rnrlnerable rear ends to attack-just the way the ?. rex want it. The tyrannosaur's S-foot-long jaws and 7-inch teeth rip open a gaping hole in the herbivore's belly, spilling some of its moist guts onto the dusty ground. Satisfled with its work, the T. rex slowly trots down to a halt. Another couple of T. rex snap at one another in a tiff over who gets the intestines, one asserts themselves and gobbles them down. fhe theropods can wait to deliver the coup de grace to the prey. Even though it is hobbling away, there is no reason to risk entanglement with its horns. Let its life bleed away. Finally, dazed and wobbly, Tricerofops slows, its great wound glistening in the sun, and the tyrannosaurs judge that things are safe enough. The pack of titans moves in, yanking, pulling, slicing, and gorging, squabbling over bits-the biggest gets the most. One of the grown-ups leads in the youngsters. Walking Dinosaur Costume Having been hiding in the bush, they now chirp in excitement as they join in the feast.


Not much is left of the Tricerotops, Life size dinosaur for sale and its consumers drift off. Some big-eyed sickle-claws, about the size of jackals and of the same inclinations, come up and pick at the carcass. They ignore the flies swarming around the remains. Feathers make them very birdy in looks. So do their jerky, nervous motions; they fear return of the tyrannosaurs. They need not worry; the drowsy T. rex are napping as they digest their meal.

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