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The Sino-Soviet Dinosaur Paleontological Expedition


The Sino-Soviet Dinosaur Paleontological Expedition

In 1956, Paleontological Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences invited paleontologists from the Chinese Academy of Science. C. C. Young was the leader of the Chinese delegation. animatronic dinosaur  A proposal for a joint Sino- Soviet paleontological expedition was the matter of bilateral discussions. The original plan was to have five- year project starting by 1959 with exploration of the Erlian Hot area in the Inner Mongolia and moving systematically westward to investigate the Gobi and other deserts of Central Asia on the USSR territory.


There were two expedition leaders, Dr. Chow Ming-chen from China, and Dr. A. K. Rozhdestvensky from USSR. Chow was well-known as an expert on fossil mammals. Rozhdestvensky got experienced by excavating dinosaur bones in the Mongolian Gobi desert. They made a good match.

The first season began in May 1959.


Theey started with exploration of the Eren Basin ( Iren Dabasu Formation ) . animatronic dinosaur for sale Large tractors were used to remove the overburdens to expose fossil layers. This made work much easier and allowed them to collect a large quantity of fossil bones of hadrosaurs and small theropods ( e.g. Archaeornithomimus ) . These fossils were basically similar to those found by the Central Asia Expeditions of the American Museum of Natural History. Morever, they also found a fragmentary skull of the ankylosaur Pinacosaurus.

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