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The shape of early ichthyosaurs


The shape of early ichthyosaurs

The earliest ichthyosaurs are a mystery. Many are known only from partial remains and so it is difficult to tell what the whole animal looked like. Those that are well known seem to lack the distinctive fish shape that characterizes the later types. They had long eel-like bodies and probably swam with a sinuous action of body and tail together.Animatronic dinosaur for sale




It is not known if they had the fins on the back and tail as the later ones had. Some of them show a very slight downturn on the tail as though a fin of some sort were supported above, but it would not be the spectacular shark- like fin of later ichthyosaurs.Realistic Dinosaur Costume


As a result, when an early or middle Triassic ichthyosaur is known only from a scrap of bone or a few teeth, it is customary to restore the whole animal as a long slender beast, not well endowed with swimming fins.

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