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The precise details of any dinosaur’s plumbing cannot be determined


The precise details of any dinosaur's plumbing cannot be determined, but the overall body contours outlined by the ribcage and hips do show how large the entire digestive apparatus was and in what locations.(animatronic dinosaur factory) Humans don't have ribs in their abdominal sec tor—their ribs end at the posterior edge of the lung compartment. But dinosaurs had long ribs attached to every segment of the backbone from chest to hip, so the cross section of the digestive tract is preserved by the skeletal architecture.


Brontosaurs clearly had short, deep, crowded gastric tracts, because the abdominal ribcage was compact front to back, and the ribs over the belly arched widely outward from the backbone like barrel staves. (dinosaur factory)In general configuration the brontosaur's intestines followed the proportions of modern elephants. And, just as in elephants, the front edge of their hip bone (ilium) was flared outward to support their wide belly. Elephants are big rearward fermenters, and brontosaurs must have been so too. Some brontosaurs had larger digestive organs than others;


Brontosaurus itself had a very short torso from front to rear and must have had a less voluminous intestinal apparatus than Brachiosaurus with its long torso. Equipped with both gizzard stones and rearward fermenting vats, brontosaurs could have tackled really tough plant food.


Early beaked dinosaurs were bipeds, using hind legs alone for their fast locomotion.(life size dinosaur for sale) That presented a special design problem: They had to evolve a large digestive tract without upsetting the balance necessary for bipedal walking. In most primitive dinosaurs, the digestive tract ended where it butted against the wide pubic bones, which formed a rear bulkhead for the entire abdominal cavity. Located above the pubic bones was a narrow passage through the hips, through which must have passed all the animal's outlets— colon, urinary tube, and birth canal.

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