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The head of Tyronnosourus rex more like a box


The fact that dinosaurs have few facial muscles is a boon to artists. Walking dinosaur costume It means that the living head looked very much like the skull, with most of the struts obvious and the internal muscles bulging out a bit bet',r,'een them. Take a look at abig lizard's head and you will see the same thing. This makes dinosaur reconstruction a nirvanic exercise compared to that of doing fossil marnmals, where whole layers of facial muscles have to be reconstructed with the vague hope that the finished product has something to do with reality-would one be able to take a dog's skull and come up with Lassie? But despite this wonderful advantage, dinoartists again and again manage to get the basic head shape wrong. And what a shame it is to miss the graceful curves of the Albertosaunr libratus snout, or to shape the head of Tyronnosourus rex more like a box than the ingeniously intricate object it really was!


The roofs or palates of theropod mouths were a little like cathedrals, being highly vaulted in transverse cross section. Animatronic Dinosaur Costume This advanced feature is unlike the flattopped mouths of most reptiles. The soft tissues pretty much followed the contours of the supporting bones, so we know what the roof of the mouth looked like as the jaws gaped open. Important openings were the paired internal nostrils, which in most forms entered the mouth a little forward of its mid length. However, at least some of the advanced theropods may have had soft secondary palates, rather like the hard secondary palates of crocodilians and mammals. Secondary palates entube the external nostrils so that they exit at the back of the mouth. Both vaulted and secondary palates give air room to pass over the food as their owners work it in their mouths. In birds, the opening of the throat trachea can be seen at the base of the tongue when the mouth is opened, and this may have been true of theropods as well. Realistic dinosaur costume The predatory dinosaurs'big snout must have held very large olfactory organs, and the contours of theropod braincases show that their brain's olfactory lobes were usually large too. Hence, they could smell quite well, though not as well as such mammalian specialists as dogs.

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