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The Central Asiatic Expeditions achieved remarkable results


In the eastern Asia, the psittacosaurids were reported from as far as Siberia in the north, several places in the southern Mongolia, and found also in the Chinese territory that spreads among the west Bank Corridor of the Gansu Province, the Junggar Basin at the northern part of Tienshan of Xinjiang and southward to the Shandong Peninsula, near East Sea of China. Finally, a lower jaw of Psittacosaurus was unearthed from the Early Cretaceous beds in Thailand as well ( Buffetaut et al. , 1992 ) . However, it is not a surprise if in the future, report of psittacosarid come from Japan and Korea, because this was part of their territory.


The Central Asiatic Expeditions of the American Museum of Natural History achieved remarkable results. The expeditions collected over 26000 specimens that were taken to the United States. More than 1000 fossil and living organisms, described by explorers and other scientists, were completely new to science. The unique essence of this quest and collected material was eventually saved for next generations in twelve volumes of final reports by Andrews, and hundreds of scientific articles dealing with more specific issues.

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