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Paleodinosaurs are the flrst predatory dinosaurs, found over much of the world in the Middle and Late Triassic (about 235 to 220 mlllion years before present). (Realistic dinosaur costume)Already rather birdlike, and in some cases fully bipedal, they still lack the long avian ilium in the hip and the tripodal foot of true theropods. They also have fewer neck and more trunk vertebrae than the latter. Both the theropods and the herbivorous dinosaurs are descendants of early predators of this kind. The earliest herbivorous dinosaurs, the prosauropods, are not all that different from paleodinosaurs in general form, the main differences being that prosauropods are spade-toothed, quadrupedal, and much heavier in construction.


Frustratingly, no good paleodinosaur skull or hand has been published yet. (walking dinosaur costume)Paleodinosaurs probably did have the divergent thumb weapon since the even more primitive ornithosuchids had it. They probably had five fingers too, like their herbivorous dinosaur relatives.


Paleodinosaurs were not spectacularly successful, and they did not last long; only ten or so million years. (Animatronic dinosaur for sale)Perhaps their herreravian and theropod descendants proved to be too much for them. (animatronic dinosaur)They were less diverse than theropods, and some were smaller than any theropod. On the other hand, in their brief sojourn they did achieve some evolutionary advances-for in stance, staurikosaurs developed the deep hips so characteristic of later dinosaurs-and laid the groundwork for the success of their d.escendants the theropods and birds, and the herbivorous dinosaurs.

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