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Simulated Stegosaurus Model for Jurassic Dinopark


To simulate the stegosaurus dinosaurs is always not just a simple simulation work, if two main crafts can not be handled well, then the stegosaurus dinosaurs will be proved to be a failure, the first matter is to build the sculpture well, the proportion on the body is the key, because the head should be small enough as well as the tail, by the way, the tail shall be added with four spines or thorns, which can be one of the main features of stegosaurus models, then the most important matter is the back spines, which will be highly required, no matter for the sizes of each spine or the model and even the space of each two spines.


stegosaurus model


Finally whether the stegosaurus dinosaur will be lifelike or fake depends on the painting work, the colors must be according to one layer by one layer, especially the center colors should be obvious enough, then can make the spines on the back to be stereoscopic, those high requirements lead to the higher cost for all those kinds of animatronic dinosaurs.


animated stegosaurus

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