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Not surprisingly, lagosuchians were very, very primitive dinosaurs. (Realistic dinosaur costume) Their archaic nature can best be seen in their still thecodont- like hips, which had a short pubis quite different from other predatory dinosaurs. Because the ischium was short, it supported limb muscles almost down to its lower end. The neck was also short, despite the small skull. Yet they were already diversi$ring in form, showing a good deal of variation in skull and foot proportions. They were quickly replaced by more derived paleodinosaurs.


At a sixth of a kilogram, this ferret-sized predator is both the smallest and most primitive of all dinosaurs. (Walking dinosaur costume) Along with Lewisuchus, it is also the earliest. That a number of specimens are known, all from one site, indicates but does not prove that they were adults. What little is known of the skull shows that it was small for the skeleton; in the restoration most of the skull is patterned after other protodinosaurs. Most of the skeleton is known, except for the hands and much of the tail. Alfred Romer made the largest specimen the basis of the species L. lilloensrs, but it is not really different. (Animatronic dinosaur for sale)Originally it was thought that supposed specializations in the hip made this species unsuitable as a general dinosaur ancestor, but better remains showed that these peculiarities do not really exist. (Animatronic dinosaur)The Ischichuca Formation saw the high point of basal paleodinosaur evolution, for it also includes Lagosuchus's larger relatives, Lewisuchus and Lagerpeton. Assorted medium-sized to large thecodonts were also around, and all hunted Lagosuchus. Its prey, in turn, consisted of insects, small reptiles, juveniles of other archosaurs, and small protomammals.

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