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Now realdinosaur are assigning many workers in the workshop to manufacture realistic dinosaur costume for sale, all those dinosaur costumes will be available for renting(only for domestic markets) and selling, now there are 30 pcs finished steel frames, some of them are not making the legs, which will聽need to be according to the specific sizes of the operators, so once the clients place an order, then the workers will immediately make the legs to match, and there are 10 pcs finished dinosaur costumes, including most popular T-Rex suits and Raptor suits, all those dinosaur costumes for sale are providing for the clients equally.


dinosaur model sculpture


Even in the process of brush coating, we arrange several special women workers to be engaged, because they will be prudent and聽scrupulous enough, then the skin and textures can be perfectly modified.




The skin are painted according to the colors which are favorite by most of the clients, especially those hot sale dinosaur costumes, from our experience, those dinosaurs with obvious textures and stripes are always popularized by the customers.


Dinosaur costume


We also take the videos for each dinosaur costume, and the performer is the professional worker who keeps in charge of the manufacturing the steel frames, and also specially perform the dinosaur costumes.


dinosaur suit

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