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Walking Dinosaur Costume Details
Name Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume
Dimension Length: 4 M, Height: 1.7~2 M (can customize the sizes)
Weight 18~20 Kg(because different types of dinosaurs, so the weight will not be the same)
Materials Stainless steel, high density foam, silicone rubber
Movements Mouth open&close(when the mouth open it will be roar), Head up&down, Neck left&right, Eyes blinking, Tail left to right.

Loudspeaker, Support frame, Pigment, brush and glass cement ,Battery, socket and charger, Brake cables and collar, Pants suit/leggings and stocking
Delivery time 1-5 pieces of dinosaur costume demands 15 days, but the accurate delivery time depends on the quantity of final order.
Packing With a layer of plastic film to wrap the dinosaur costume, then put it in wooden case, then put into the container
Transport By sea, by truck or by air
Using scope  Indoor and outdoor park, amusement park, water park, theme park, shopping mall, wedding party, plaza, movie, stage and all kinds of events.


dinosaur costume steel frame


Sculpture dinosaur suit in our factory


lifelike dinosaur costume


animatronic dinosaur costume for sale


animatronic dinosaur costume


animatronic dinosaur suit


animatronic dinosaur product packaging


dinosaur costume product packaging


dinosaur suit packaging and Transport


dinosaur costume transport
You must see the realistic dinosaur costume in some dinosaur parks, stage shows and festival holidays, even you can see a realistic dinosaur costume walking on the street and shopping mall, it is so realistic that you think the dinosaur costume is just a real one, let me take an example, all the costumes in the Halloween are artifical and realistic, and many people will think of different and new design on the realistic dinosaur costume, then act to make the costumes, for example, the realistic dinosaur costumes, which now is one kind of popular costume, the foreigners will order and import the realistic dinosaur costumes from China, then can make everyone else astonished.


The Halloween day is the tradition festival in each year on 1st November in Western countries, on October 31th, namely the Halloween Eve, people will put on a mask master in accordance with custom, wearing strange clothes look like dressed as ghosts. Everyone will be tempted, and then collectively organize a Halloween party.


Party in the night will be even more memorable. On the magnificent stage, some students wear the animatronic dinosaur costumes, walking with the Halloween costumes, followed by other people. Look! They wear skull dress, dressed as vampires and ghosts, painted in a variety of paint on the face. The realistic dinosaur costumes are all painted white pigment, plus some red paint, then disheveled, almost like a female vampire..


Realistic dinosaur costume from realdinosaur

dinosaur costume for adult


realistic walking dinosaur costume


Walking dinosaur costume steel skeleton


Carving shape



  1. Stan说道:

    I run event company in Spain. I would like to buy one of your costumes. T-Rex would be good. What would be the price for this sort of costume and shipping cost to Spain as well.

    1. hu, june说道:

      Glad to have the chance to cooperate with you, the T-Rex costume will be finished estimated on 24th.

  2. Manuel Hipol说道:

    How do I go about ordering one of your T-rex costumes? Please get back to me on how to place an order. Thank you!


    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Manuel, our salesman will contact you by your email soon, who will tell you how to manage to make an order, and please try to negotiate with him later.

  3. john Smith说道:

    We are interested in 2 trex ‘real dinosaur costumes – how much time do you need from ordering to delivery and what are the costs ?
    Many thanks


    +447973 548 242

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi John, thanks for your attention on our company, especially on the T-Rex dinosaur costumes, our salesman will contact you soon, and reply all of your questions, please check later.

  4. Monika说道:


    I would like to enquire prices for your dinosaur costumes and the cheapest shipping price to London?

    Thank you


    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Monika, thanks so much for your messages on our company, i will be contacting you ASAP i arrange well of the quotation including the shipping to London, please check later, and we can talk more in details.

  5. Sahil说道:

    Interested in TREX, RDC-025, please share price with shipping to India.

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Sahil, thanks for your inquiry on the model of RDC-025, i am providing you with the quotation including more details by your email.

  6. sofia说道:

    Hi how much is the dinosaur costume and the shipping cost to London? How long does it take to ship? Please get back to me ASAP, thank you

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Sofia, thanks for your message on inquiring the dinosaur costumes, which are all upgraded into 2017 types now, some of our salesman will contact you and provide with more details soon, please keep online.

  7. bogdan说道:

    hello i would like to know if you are renting yours costumes i would like some pricing

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Bogdan, hope you did have a nice weekend, our company is engaged in dinosaur production, sales and renting as well, there are some agents in the oversea places, so you are required to tell me where are you located, then i can see whether we have agents in your local side, some of our salesman will contact you soon later.

  8. Jim说道:

    Just inquiring about a price.

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Jim, so glad to have your messages left on our website, i’d like to provide the prices for your reference soon later by email, please check later.

  9. Rita说道:


    Can I get the pricing for all hidden leg dinosaur costume please and thank you.

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Rita, so glad to have your messages on the dinosaur costumes, especially on the hidden legs type, our company is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of dinosaur costumes, more information will be provided soon later by some of our salesman, please pay attention.

  10. Rita说道:

    Shipping will be to Quebec Canada.

    1. hu, june说道:

      Ok, thanks for telling the port, i will inform you back of the shipping cost soon.

  11. Lori Arnold说道:

    we are looking into buying one of your dinosaur costumes. we will need prices and shipping info.
    Thank you,

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Lori, so glad to have your messages on the dinosaur costumes, our company is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of dinosaur costumes, more information will be provided soon later by some of our salesman, please pay attention.

  12. Mark Flores说道:

    Please email me with pricing for the walking dinosaur costume. Thank you!

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Mark, sorry for my late response, i am sending my quotation by email back to your inquired dinosaur costumes now, please check.

  13. Mohan说道:

    Hi this is Mohan
    I wanna know price and clear details about this product and shipping to India.please tell about this…

  14. Stephen Taylor说道:

    Good Morning,

    I am Chairman of a Community Group in the UK. Could you send me a price list?

    Kind regards
    Stephen Taylor (chairman)

  15. Stephen Taylor说道:


    Could you send me the price of RDC-124 Hidden legs T-Rex?
    I am part of a community group in the UK that provides children’s entertainment.

    Kind regards
    Stephen Taylor

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Stephen, it is June from realdinosaur, thanks for your attention on our company, especially sending me an inquiry on the dinosaur costume of model RDC-0124, i will email you back with more information soon later, looking forward to have the possibility to cooperate with you.


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