RDC-0169 covered legs dinosaur costume adult dinosaur puppet

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This T-Rex costume is designed and modified from the model of visible legs T-Rex model RDC-019, and it is newly adapted into the new model according to the client requirement, producing into the type of hidden legs will be absolutely a trend for the future.




The height is customized for person around 180-185cm, however our worker is just provided with the size of 170cm, that is why our performer in the photo can not wear straightly, so each costume will be perfect for the operator who we will custom-made the costume for.




We do everything we can to make it simple and easy. We have a number of options that can be booked, in some cases, those dinosaur costumes are purchased and rented as the only entertainment for a birthday event,  but also for some other entertainments and events, we can work well with the client and other entertainers to ensure a fluid event!