Predatory dinosaur ears were set at the back of the skull

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Predatory dinosaur ears were set at the back of the skull, hig’h up between the jaw-opening muscle and the jaw-supporting quadrate bone (Walking dinosaur costume). The eardrum was set in a shallow pit, as there was no external ear like those of mammals. Realistic Animatronic dinosaur Part of the quadrate’s back face was sculpted to support the ear channel’s front surface. The details of this anangement vary from group to group. For example, in allosaur-tyrannosaurs the backside of the quadrate is flat and the ear opening pointed directly sideways. In archaeopterygians and dromaeosaurs the auditory surface of the quadrate was a forwardly directed funnel, and the ear pointed that way.


Brain size in predatory dinosaurs ranged from the high reptilian to the low avian.’0 The former was true of the paleodinosaurs and bigger theropods, which tended to have more brains than big herbivorous dinosaurs. The smaller theropods were especially large-brained for dinosaurs. Realistic dinosaur costume  Even early, primitive Coelophysrs had a brain relatively as big as that of the more birdlike Archaeoptery. The advanced protobirds had the biggest brains of all, equal to ostriches and the like. Comparing brain size is somewhat difficult, for in a series of animals of similar anatomy the size of the brain does not increase as fast as overall size. In predatory dinosaurs, the big ones especially, the braincase was a modest part of the skull, which served more as a support for various muscles than as the brain’s housing. animatronic dinosaur for sale The actual size of the brain in the small-brained species is difficult to estimate, because like in living reptiles the brain did not filIthe entire brain cavity. Only as brains got larger did they come to fill out the entire space. Dinosaur brains tended to be rather simple, and braincase structure shows that the various sensory lobes-optic, olfactory, and auditory-made up much of the volume. So predatory dinosaurs were not as bright as their modern mammalian counterparts. But one should not underestimate their intelligence. Reptiles do surprisingly well in a number of aptitude tests, and the bird-brained theropods were quite smart. One does wonder what kind of thoughts the dinosaurs thought-I often wonder the same about my bigger-brained, predaceous cat.