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Predators are a major driving force of evolution


Predators are a major driving force of evolution, for they have an overwhelming impact on the herbivores they prey upon. Animatronic dinosaur costume The speed and grace of gazelles, for example, is solely the result of their need to escape predation. Herbivores have also developed weaponry and armor to deal with predators. Indeed, if not for predators, herbivores would be relatively placid clunkers. Late Cretaceous herbivorous dinosarus were compelled to develop means of defense to an exceptional degree. Duckbills and the rhino-like ceratopsians were fast, ceratopsians were also horned and paruot-beaked, while the tanklike ankylosaurs wer,) armor-plated, spiny, and club-tailed.


The Late Cretaceous is marked by an abundance of theropod- and bird-bearing formations around the world. It is the best record we have got. Mechanical dinosaur costume The continents continued to drift, and exceptionally high seas further divided them so faunas were more provincial and diverse than before, though still not as much as today. In some places, things may have been getting wetter-a point directly contrary to the old idea that once-abundant swamps drained off in the Cretaceous. Flowering trees began to replace conifers. Grasses appeared, but were not important in the Mesozorc. Climate was still on the warm side. but. as will be detailed in Chapter 7, walking dinosaur suit dinosaurs were present in polar regions and may have weathered the long, cool winter nights. In South America the dinosaurs changed less than elsewhere. Brontosaurs lived on, still maintaining a dominant position over the new duckbills. Working on this book has taught me a lesson in how very long some of the primitive kinds of theropods lasted. In particular, the archaic megalosaurs remained dominant in South America until the end of the period. These included not only the giant Abehsaurus, animatronic dinosaur suit but the small sickle-clawed .faoascurus as well. Much the same thing would happen in South America during the younger Tertiary, when ground birds and marsupials would fill roles held by more advanced carnivores elsewhere.

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