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Polish-Mongolian Dinosaur Paleontological Expeditions


During the 1960s, the close relationship finished up between China and USSR.The fruitful Sino-USSR Paleontological Expedition was forced to stop. In 1962, the Russian team took all equipment from China and moved to Mongolia where they continued in explorations of the Gobi Desert. Around the same time, academic representatives of former socialist countries were had a meeting hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.During the meeting, Roman Kozlowski, a fellow of the Polish Academy of Sciences, proposed a joint expedition of Polish and Mongolian paleontologists in Gobi. This proposal received a favorable response from academic leaders in Poland and Mongolia. In 1962, the Polish and Monoglian Academy of Sciences signed an agreement ( 1963-1971 ) to organize expeditions that would involve both Polish and Mongolian paleontologists. Zofia Kielan-Jaworowaka was nominated to lead the Polish team, while Naydin Dovchin was to lead the Mongolian team. Later on, Rinchen Barsbold, a leading Mongolian dinosaur scholar, joined the Polish- Mongolian Paleontological Expedition project. His involvement enhanced success of the project greatly.

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