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Coming back from the New year festival, our workers are starting to make the dinosaurs and insects, staying in the factory for all day, regardless the fact our company still has to finish the previous orders, mostly concerning for the dinosaur costumes/suits, our factory employed more professional workers to devote into the works.


Monsters  model


As the high requirements and demands on the special animatronic dinosaur models and insect models, even the monster models, our technicians team is sparing no pains to develop the new models, like the cartoon dinosaur toys, which are deeply loved by the kids, and being adopted extensively in the amusement parks and zoos, it is joyful because some models with the glasses, and some with big round eyes, pretending to be聽dull and attractive.



Dinosaur  door


The dinosaur head door by putting as the entrance gate of the park or zoo, that will be creative enough to catch the attention of the surrounders, it looks like saying " welcome to my house, i am introducing all the dinosaur friends for you".



Dragon monster head


Even the dragon models, some the long strapping body and tail, some with only the head and neck, but the appearance can be so fierce, movements can be so functional, like spraying water or fogs, which make the dragon so special.



Animated insects model

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