Outdoor Dinopark Remote Control Walking Triceratops dinosaur

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Triceratops dinosaurs family group is the most common in the Jurassic world, because they are herbivorous, carnivorous T-Rex and Spinosaurus are always attacking those kinds of dinosaurs, so they need to protect themselves by living in groups.


Walking Triceratops dinosaurs


In this condition, we manufactured one Triceratops  family consisted of four Triceratops dinosaurs, which is including two baby Triceratops dinosaurs, the colors are painted by the professional painters, and used dozens of glass cement to make the brush coating on the skin, to keep the dinosaurs to be waterproof and sunproof.


Animatronic robot Triceratops


The Triceratops dinosaur group is controlled by remote control, namely the controller can operate the movements of the walking Triceratops dinosaurs by pressing the buttons on the remote control, press to start some movements, and press again to stop anytime.


Triceratops family group


The Triceratops parents are near to the maximum size limitation of the containers, which limits to the size of 2.4m in height, and the huge Triceratops dinosaurs are in the height of 2.35m, so our workers pack the Triceratops dinosaurs group with the bubble film and DPJD respectively, then put those remote control Triceratops dinosaurs into the 40′ HQ containers.


Triceratops exhibitiion


Even passing nearly 2 months transportation by ship from China to Chile, the packages are also protected well enough, the clients shared our company with relative photos, when they put the dinosaurs into the dinopark, now the dinosaur family are walking in the forest freely.


Simulation animated Triceratops