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Outdoor Decoration Animatronic Dinosaur Products


Now our dinosaurs product are more and more commonly provided for those clients from real estates, those dinosaurs product will be used for attracting people and customers when each new building is accomplished, normally the exhibition time will be about one month, and the normal dinosaurs are about 10 diverse dinosaurs in types and sizes, like several 3m and 5m long dinosaurs, but must be with one big dinosaur(over 10m long); and normally we will provide several dinosaur eggs to match the dinosaur exhibition.


Outdoor animatronic dinosaur


dinosaur outdoor


Outdoor dinosaur model


realistic Outdoor animatronic dinosaur


dinosaur cultural tourism products are sought by many people, many people are interested in different dinosaur models, and a puzzle archaeological tourism product is hot sale in the dinosaurs product. the staff says that many buyers, especially children are attracted by the shape of these products, so the sales overall is pretty good. walking animatronic dinosaur costume.


In the promotion conference, our company is finding many ways to promote the dinosaurs product, through animation, movies, online novels, online games and other ways, even by advertisement, let the dinosaur culture brand go to the world of dinosaurs. especially cooperating with the local museums and foreign dinosaur museums will promote the city's cultural dinosaurs, then to build cultural industry has played a very good promotion effect. animatronic dinosaur for sale.


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