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Nowadays, NBA is becoming more and more popular and well renowned, especially for the fans in China, and NBA is bringing in more and more Chinese features and marks, like Chinese words displaying on the clothes, and even the NBA games are held according to the Chinese festival.

As we can see, some of the NBA teams are using the dinosaur costumes as the mascot for their home team, to build up the momentum, that is really Chinese featured.

Raptor costume

Normally, the NBA merchants would like to use the Raptor dinosaur, maybe this is generated by nature, even the movie called Jurassic world also uses the Raptor dinosaur as one of the leading actors, they finally help the T-Rex and the main actors live though the difficulty, and win the victory and defeat the D-Tex.

Raptor walking costume

This Raptor costume is delivered to Denver, maybe will be used on the court of the Denver team, i do think some of the people have checked the YouTube video about the dinosaur mascot of the Dallas team, which the dinosaur costume emerges the moment the players just go though the聽passageway after practicing, most of the tough players in the game are scared to death, they are running and escaping from the horrible dinosaur.

Raptor suit

It is as real as the real dinosaur, and it is packed and delivered to the clients, hope we can see the Raptor dinosaur show up in USA soon.

Packing air case


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