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After the death of the dinosaurs, the soft tissues of the body begin to decay and disappear, and the hardware bones (including teeth) of the dinosaur fossils and other organizations are staying in the sediment, afterwards, in the environment of absence of oxygen, the dinosaur fossils are completely mineralized and preserved through thousands of years after deposition for million years. Apart from the dinosaur fossils, the relics of dinosaurs living period, such as the footprints can be saved into dinosaur fossis.


Museum Quality Dinosaur fossils For  sale



Dinosaur fossils For sale


Dinosaur Skeletons for sale


Now you can see many museums are displaying and exhibiting with the dinosaur fossils skeleton, some of the dinosaur fossils are real, which are discovered and exvacated under the earth by coincidence, but on the other hand, some of the dinosaur fossils are manufactured by factory in China, our company has cooperated with many oversea museums(like exporting dinosaur fossils and skeletons to Denmark Zoo, and Australian museum, including T-Rex skull, bones, full size skeletons), and the dinosaur fossils of Zigong dinosaur museum are from our factory.


Dinosaur Skeletons replica


The main material of the dinosaur fossils or skeletons are Fiberglass with some steel frame to assemble together, the workers need to make a new mould for each new dinosaur fossil, then roll over the mould, different factories have different manufacturing ways, i will show the clients with the manufacturing process in each phase.