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This primitive diapsid had features that were undoubtedly adaptations to a tree-climhing lifestyle. The bird-like nature of its forelimbs and the superficial resemblance of the big- eyed, pointed-jaw skull to that of a bird, as well as the bird-like way the skull is articulated with the neck, have led some to suggest that this may be the ancestors of the birds, a view not widely accepted. It may have evolved its bird-like features independently, as adaptations to life in the branches of trees.walking dinosaur costume




Features The body is very lightweight and bird-like. The feet have opposable toes, the front feet have the first three toes opposed to the other two. like a chameleon, and the rear feet have the first toe opposed to the rest, like a perching bird. The tail is strong and prehensile, with a hooked claw at the end.

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