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Amusement park attractions mechanical dinosaur


Amusement park attractions mechanical dinosaur


Mechanical dinosaurs are not only used in the Hollywood movies and stage shows, but also can be used in the amusement park, some people even plan to build a amusement park to put with many mechnical dinosaurs, then let the workers to enjoy and entertain themselves, this can be called the welfare to the workers to have a rest.


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mechanical Triceratops


mechanical dinosaur


One australian billionaire planned to build a legendary theme park, named "Titanic II", this will be a large world gathering 165 robotic amusement park mechanical dinosaurs.


Last month, the person said he will order more than 100 life-size amusement park mechanical dinosaurs, then will be transported to a tourist area in northern Australia."We will have the world's largest exhibition park with amusement park mechanical dinosaurs." Currently, he has purchased two giant mechanical dinosaurs, were named Jeff Bond, north of Brisbane, the resort exhibition, he claimed it was an unprecedented theme park. animatronic dinosaur.


It is reported that one of the amusement park mechanical dinosaurs, up to 7 meters and weighing more than 1.2 tons, can swing the tail moving limbs, eyes flashing light can be expected to arrive by the end of April this year. The legendary mining magnate in the mining industry to earn a lot of money, he said, the reason to finance on the construction of "Titanic II" theme park is that he wanted to spend the deposits  before the death.

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