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There is another and more subtle problem with either bulk endothermy or bulk homeothermy for big theropods that took care of their young. Being sluggish at night, Walking dinosaur costume and having to bask in the morning, the small juveniles would have had trouble keeping up with their big, more-constant-temperature parents. Not only that, but the young of most fully parental animals musf grow rapidly, otherwise it would be decades before the young, realistic dinosaur costume it would be big enough to be fledged. crocodilians get around this problem by abandoning their slow-growing young when they are still tiny.


The main argument for bulk homeothermy in big theropocls is a twofold one: first, many dinosaurs are large; second, it is much more energy-efficient than true endothermic homeothermy while it supplies much the same temperature constanry. Animatronic dinosaur costume To claim that energy efficienry is paramount to biological systems is to make a big assumption. It may at least partly stem from a misunderstanding of energ;y efficienry versus energy consumption. one can sometimes fncrecse energy efficienry by increasing consumption. For example, each citizen of a developed society consumes far more energy than their recent ancestors did. But this energy goes into producing even more fantastic amounts of material goods. As for organisms, they are always competing with one another for the available energy. It is a lot like a race, and the organism that uses more energy to get more energy faster than the others may win out. If you were entering the Indianapolis 500, would you go with an economy car, or a gas- gazzring racer? So a high-metabolic-rate endotherm may consume more energy than the ectotherm, but it may get proportionately more energ:y in return for its expendirure. This presents a complicated, subtle problem that ecologists are still grappling with.

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