Mandschurosaurus is the first dinosaur to be recorded in China

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Mandschurosaurus is the first dinosaur to be recorded in China, but the location of site was lost for some time. During 1977- 1979, the site was finally re-discovered by the Heilongjiang Museum.It is located on the south bank of Heilongjiang River near Yuliangze Village of the Jiayin County, Heilongjiang Province. The dinosaur-bearing beds, named the Yuliangze Formation by Chinese geologists, consist of gray-green sandstones, purple mudstones, and a light-colored conglomerate.The deposits are similar to those of the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada.


After three years of fieldwork, the Heilongjiang Museum collected almost one hundred boxes of fossil bones, weighing 6 tons in total. The bones mainly belong to hadrosaurs, in particular to Mandschurosaurus, two skeletons of which were restored by scientisits of the Heilongjiang Museum. Unfortunately, one of them was destroyed by fire when on exhibit at the Jilin Museum in 1988.

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