Lifelike Robotic Dinosaur Dreadnoughtus for Dinosaur Park

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Dimension 1.  6m long

2.Customize(2~60m) long or (1-30 m) high

Color 1.Realistic simulation natural color

2.Paint color as customer picture

Sound 1.Lifelike dinosaur or animal roaring sound


Weight 180 Kg
Feature Herbivorous
Power Usage 20w-1500w (Depends on animatronic dinosaur’s size and movements)
Advantage 1.Waterproof/ sunproof/ snowproof

2.Anti-high temperature

3.Support  remote control by long distance

4.Good Skin texture

Delivery time 15-50 days ( It is up to order time )


Animatronic Dreadnoughtus


lifelike robot Animatronic dreadnoughtus


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