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Despite its lack of any starring and even significant roles in the Jurassic Park films, the stegosaurus dinosaur is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs in the history, thanks to its plate-covered back and a spiked tail that would take out a caveman in a single swipe.

Granted stegosaurus dinosaurs were separated from cavemen by 140 million years, but the famous covered lizard’s tail is still named after a caveman–albeit a fictional one.

Long time ago, one class of neanderthals are being taught the finer points of stegosaurus anatomy, with the lecturer pointing to the tail, saying “Now this end is called the thagomizer… After the late Thag Simmons.”

Although the Stegosaurus is not that famous like the T-Rex or Carnotaurus, the Stegosaurus is a permanent gift from the National Museum of Natural History, which is renovating the National Fossil Hall.







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