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Life Size Artificial Robotic Dinosaur For SaleReleased Time: 2016-5-27

NAME:Artificial Robotic Dinosaur

PRODUCT SIZE:L:20m*W:2m*4.5m

MOVEMENTS:1.Eyes Blinking, 2.Mouth open & close, roaring sounds, 3.Head up and down, 4.Neck moving up & down, 5.Front arms moving, 6.Tail swaying, 7.Breathing


Marks and matters:

1.Sound: Vivid roaring sounds, all dinosaurs are equipped with the corresponding sounds.

2.Color: Color is optional.

3.Power: 110/220V, 50/60Hz.

4.Technics: all by handmade, 4 sets of movement programs, 2 sounds effect, movement setting adjustable.

5.Control mode: Infrared sensor, remote control, coin box, botton box.

6.Plug: Euro plug, British Standard, SAA, C-UL or depends on request.

7.Accessery: Control box, infrared ray sensor, remote control, control platform, speaker, coin selector, FRP fact, information plate, etc.

Life Size Artificial Robotic Dinosaur For Sale


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Life Size Artificial Robotic Dinosaur For Sale


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