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Iguanodon's brain

The structure of the brain cavity shows large olfactory lobes at the front, suggesting that Iguanodon had a well- developed sense of smell. Large optic nerves passed through the braincase in the direction of the big eye sockets, appar­ently confirming that these animals had good vision. Animatronic dinosaur for sale The large cerebral lobes indicate a well coordinated and active animal. The inner ear cast shows the looped semicircular canals that provided the animal’s sense of balance, and a finger-like structure that was part of its hearing system. Beneath the brain cavity hangs a pod-like structure that housed the pituitary gland, which was responsible for regu­lating its hormone functions. Down either side of the cast are seen a series of large tubes, which represent the pas­sages through the original braincase wall (chipped away here of course) for the twelve cranial nerves. Real Animatronic dinosaur for sale Other smaller pipes and tubes passing through the braincase wall are also preserved, and these hint at the distribution of a set of blood vessels that carried blood into the floor of the brain from the heart (via the carotid artery) and, of course, drained the blood away from the brain through the large lateral head veins that lead back down the neck.

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