How to place an order? How to buy animatronic dinosaur from China?

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How to place an order? How to buy animatronic dinosaur from China?

1.the buyer browses and checks the website of the seller,

2.the buyer decides the sizes, colors movements, order quantity and other requirements of the dinosaurs,

3.the buyer asks for the quotation from the seller,

4.the buyer should negotiate with the seller until making agreements on the details and prices,

5.the seller arranges the Proforma Invoice and contract according to the agreed details, then the buyer signs the Proforma Invoice and contract with the seller,

6.the buyer should show the seller the bank slip of the first payment as deposit, as agreed on the contract,

7.the seller will begin to assign the workers to manufacture, and share the photos and videos of each manufacturing process, and the seller has to modify the dinosaurs if the buyer requires reasonable.

8.the buyer should pay the balance payment when the seller finishes the dinosaurs, then the seller will arrange the transportation immediately,

9.the seller has to send the B/L to the buyer the first time, and the seller will keep in touch with the shipping company all the time, to guarantee the buyer to know the transportation information.

10.the seller will provide relative and necessary after-sale services, such as the maintenance, instructions, spares, etc.

  1. conmment-userClaudia

    What is the price and how long to get it

  2. conmment-userTrond Elnes

    What is the price including shipping to Norway?

    1. conmment-userhu, june

      Hi Trond, sorry for our late response, someone in our company will contact you with regards to your questions soon later.

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