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How the predatory dinosaur neck was


How the predatory dinosaur neck was, Walking Dinosaur Costume with a few notable exceptions, s-curved like in birds, though not to as extreme a degree. In most animals, lizards, mammals, etc., the neck is fairly straight. Even in the first predatory dinosaurs the articulating surfaces of the neck vertebrae were strongly beveled wedges that naturally articulated in a vertical, swanlike S curve. In 1983, Tarsitano claimed that theropod necks were really straight; however, the extent of the beveling in most theropod necks not only rules this out as a possibility but in some species was so strong that it is questionable whether they could ever fully straighten out their necks at all! Animatronic dinosaur This does not mean the neck was stiff. The auxiliary articulations of the neck vertebrae above the main spools-the zygapophysis-were large, so the vertebrae remained in contact with one another as the neck went through a wide range of motion. The occipital condyle-axis/ atlas joint, which connected the head to the neck, was also a highly mobile ball-and-socket joint. The head was not carried in the same line as the swan neck, however, but was held at a fairly sharp angle to it-again, rather like a bird's, but not so extreme. A very distinctive feature of archosaurs, including the predatory dinosaurs, was the long overlapping neck ribs. These ribs slid past each other, and gave the neck both suppleness and strength.


The most prominent neck muscles were those that ran from the shoulder region and inserted on the back. Realistic Dinosaur Costume In many species, especially the bigger ones, the combination of the S curve and great muscle masses' supported by tall vertebral spines and a broad transverse crest atop the back face of the braincase, resulted in "bulldog" necks.

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